Friday, January 28, 2011

Woman Seated

I was able to work on Woman Seated again today and to get a second (and often third and fourth) layer on the entire piece.  I can see that I still have some work to do on it - her feet and left leg look too chalky right now, and her left arm is too yellow - but I'm very excited with how luminous she looks overall.

I'd read a lot and heard a lot about glazing, and I thought I understood the concept, but this piece is bringing it home much more substantially than ever before.  In my last piece, Woman in the Mirror, I put a sienna-based coat first then glazed over that.  I liked how it worked.  This time, though, the colors underneath were so strong, they are strongly affecting how the piece is turning out.  They're informing the whole thing in much more interesting ways.  I think it looks more realistic and more interesting and vital.  I will certainly have to play with this method a lot more.  It's exciting to me!

I'm not done, but I have a feeling that Andrew and Chris will like this better than they did before.  I hope I'll pass muster!

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