Thursday, January 6, 2011

Red Tent Evening

Tonight's a big night!  The Red Tent Evening at Khalima's Illumination Dance Studio.  I'll be showing slides of my work and taking women on a journey through the ages and stages of a woman's life.  Afterwards we'll have plenty of time to talk about whatever came up while looking at all the bold, gorgeous women who are my models.

If you're interested in coming, you can RSVP on Facebook (just search for Red Tent Evening) or just show up.  We'll love to have you.

Here's the information Khalima wrote about the event - I couldn't have said it better myself!

Join us for our third Red Tent meeting at Illumination! We will have a special guest speaker this month: Susan Singer, an amazing Richmond-based artist who paints women of every age, race, shape and size, doing her part to show the beauty in all women.

She will share with us slides of her work, and we will take part in an open discussion about nakedness and women. This will be an introduction of sorts to her upcoming biweekly class series, "Naked Self Portraiture: Drawing Inward to Draw Outward", which begins February 11th here at Illumination. Visit the calendar link on February 11th to read more about the class.

What is the Red Tent at Illumination?

Join together in camaraderie with other women under the glow of Illumination's Red Tent! Inspired by the book written by Anita Diamant, these meetings will hearken back to times when most women had a lineage and community to share with, learn from, and enjoy the company of, within the comfort of the red tent and otherwise. The goal is to relax and foster love, compassion, support, and community among women during a period in society where competition and lack of positivity towards women still exists.

We will have a topic of discussion each month, and no subject is taboo. These gatherings are for you, by you, with love. Let us see what grows within the red tent! Leave your shoes and inhibitions at the door, bring a vegetarian dish to share, and a floor pillow to lounge on. Bellydance, yoga, massage, meditation, healing, laughing, crying, and honesty are all possible here.

For the maiden voyage of the Red Tent, we discussed what the Red Tent means to us, decided on some topics we would like to discuss at future meetings, and enjoyed the company of women in a casual atmosphere. Let us have this and more! Welcome are all people who identify as woman, of every orientation, nurslings/babies, and children/teens who are able to participate/focus/learn/enjoy. This is learning, sharing, community, and lineage all at once, so please bring your daughters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and cousins! Know that this is a place to be open and very honest about all aspects of women, so please take this into consideration when deciding whether to bring your children. We look forward to sharing this very special ongoing gathering with you."

*Please bring a vegetarian dish to share, and your own cup, plate, and utensils so that we can cut back on the environmental impact of disposable items.

Fee: donation to the Illumination scholarship fund.

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