Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Periods, periods, and more periods

Two more women responded to my query asking what it was like to get their periods.  Each of them is around 50-years-old, so perhaps my generational theory isn't accurate.  Here are their responses:

I wasn't going to reply to your request for 'first period' stories, because I really don't have one.  But I read today that you've been finding generational differences in the stories, with older women having a much more difficult/emotional and embarrassing time of it.  In my case (I'm 49 1/2), however, it was a non-issue!  I honestly cannot remember when it happened, or any details about it.  I vividly remember my Catholic grade school class being separated - boys going into one room and girls in the other - and seeing "The Film" and the corresponding book that went with it.  Of course we giggled and made fun of it amongst ourselves.  The only thing I remember about my first period is that it came a bit later than many of my friends, and I'd wondered when I would get mine too.  My mom and I could talk about everything, so I believe that I was 'prepared' for the event when it happened.  At least I knew what it was about, and who to go to (Mom!) when it did start.

Interestingly, I found myself talking with two of my nieces about that topic when they were 13 and 12 years old.  The older one hadn't started her period yet, and she was dreading it.  She DID NOT WANT to get it.  My other niece, who was a year younger, was already carrying an "emergency" pad around in her purse.  She and her mom (my sister) had spoken about it a lot, and her mom had given her a special pouch for the pad.  She was quite proud of it, and was excitedly ready for her first period to start - she couldn't wait!


I was happy! 
It was my little secret and it was ALL mine. Nobody could control it! Not even I.

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