Sunday, September 12, 2010

Licensing Artwork to Wendover Art Group

Another item on my agenda last week was deciding whether to allow Wendover Art Group to license my artwork.  I hadn't heard of them and didn't know anything about the world of print publishing so I had no idea if I was dealing with a scam or what.  After a lot of research and googling and talking to folks, I found out that they're for real - they publish and frame prints for the hospitality industry as well as stores like Macy's and Crate and Barrel.  Pretty cool!  I would enjoy having my work sold there.  That would be a wonderful thing. 

They're interested in my ocean scenes.  They sent me 9 they're interested in so I had to go through my inventory of paintings to see which ones I could find.  I'm actually pretty organized with my work, but I recently had a situation where I sold a piece online then couldn't find it to save my life.  I looked EVERYWHERE!  I called galleries where I have my work on consignment.  I looked under beds, in closets, thought about friends I might have given stuff to, or people who might have bought pieces - I simply couldn't find it.  I ended up drawing it again as the only alternative I could come up with to meeting the customer's desire to have the piece.  I still haven't found it and have since realized that 5-6 other pieces are missing as well, so I think I must have left a container of paintings somewhere as I was taking down a show.  That's a big loss.  It's bugging me like crazy to try to figure out where they are, like a toothache - I keep putting my tongue in the hole, hoping I'll be able to make it better finally if I just touch on it enough! 

I was, thankfully, able to account for all of the pieces Wendover wants.  That doesn't mean I have all of them, but I could account for them at least!  I had sold 3 of them, so this morning I spent some time re-creating 2 of them.  I am satisfied with how they turned out.  The third one was too complex - it was a very challenging sunset - so I'm choosing not to re-do that one.

Wednesday I will have to take the work to Staples Fine Art in Glen Allen where they will scan each piece then send the digital files to Wendover who will get them printed, framed, and in their inventory for the upcoming October Trade Show.  Things happen quickly!  It's a lot to keep track of!

I'll let you know if sales happen and if it's worth it to license my work.  I'm very curious. 

The thing that convinced me, actually, to go with it, more than anything was, when I got quiet and asked myself/Spirit, the answer I got was, "Did you say you want to be able to live off the income from your art?  And to work as a full time artist?  THIS is a way to help you do that.  YES.  Do it!"  That was good enough for me!  Ask, and Way will Open.


  1. How did the Wendover Art Group work out for you?
    A friend has asked me what I think of them and I am researching for her.


  2. I found your post very interesting.
    The same thing happened to me yesterday. I'm wondering if you've had any profits from Wendover Art Group since you started with them.

  3. Helen and Barbara,
    I have only had excellent experiences with Wendover Art Group. I recommend them highly.

    Good luck!