Friday, April 30, 2010

Starlight, day 3

Today I've had the pleasure of working on Starlight, as I've decided to call this piece.  The model's face looks to me like she's gazing up at the Heavens.  I've had fun creating the texture of the chair and beginning on the flooring and putting some color into the background.  I haven't quite figured out what I'll be doing with the background - I'm considering working with a random pattern which would evoke the sense of stars and the heavens.  It'll be fun to figure out (I hope!)
This afternoon we'll be heading to Virginia Beach.  Chris's aunt passed away this week and the funeral is tomorrow.  It'll be good to see his family, though I'm sorry this is the occasion for it.  This is our second funeral in 2 weeks.  I think we're starting to reach a certain age. 
While we're in that area, we're thinking about driving across the Bay Bridge Tunnel to the Eastern Shore to see what there is to see there.  We are thinking a bit about moving there in a couple of years, but since I've never been there, I was thinking it might be a good idea to see what it's like before making that decision!  We're thinking we'll like the quiet and slow lifestyle as well as the preponderance of nature and water.  We just got a kayak and are thinking we'd love to live somewhere where we could go out each day from our front yard.  I have the fantasy of having a studio that looks out over the water and is in the midst of nature.  I crave the silence and solitude sometimes.
Other times, of course, I want people, and the more, the merrier!  It's a bit tricky to balance all that.  I used to be quite the extrovert, but recently I've become more and more introverted to the point where I'd really rather stay home and paint or be with my family than anything else.  Occasionally I'll go out, usually to see 1 or 2 friends, but I really do enjoy my time in the studio painting or just being with Chris and/or the kids.  It's what feeds me most.

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