Sunday, March 18, 2012

Emotions of the Ocean, Wednesday, Avon OBX

Wednesday started out cloudy and overcast but didn't stay that way for too long.

I got very intrigued by the clouds.  Right on the horizon line, there was a bank of clouds then above that, there were two different types of clouds, one wispy, the other puffy.  I don't know the names for the types of clouds, so can't be specific - any Weather Channel junkies out there who can help me?!

Here's the whole scene at about the same time as the image above.  The sky was bluer Wed than it had been Mon and Tues when it tended towards dark, sandy green.

Later in the day the sky got lighter and brighter as did the ocean.  The waves were a little bit choppier too.

Look how the water changed completely - it got dark as could be!  That what made these pictures so much fun!  I might think I was drawing the same picture twice, but when I finished and compared them, I could see how utterly different they actually were!

Tomorrow's post I will continue with the pictures I did at the OBX each day so you, like I, can experience the changing emotions of the ocean.

(If you're interested in purchasing any of these, please contact me.  Unframed, they will sell for $165.  Framed (acid-free materials, beautiful hand-made frame (framed by Chris and me)) they will sell for $275.  I will also be making prints which will be $35.) 


  1. The color in these moves me as much as the facial expressions in the portraits from your dad's passing. They reflect your emotional states perfectly! T

    1. Your comment moves me deeply. Thank you. They feel so different to me, and I sometimes wonder if such pictures convey as much as the more literal portraits. It's good to get your perspective on them.