Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Emotions of the Ocean, Tuesday, Avon OBX

Tuesday I awoke, full of excitement, with the sun glaring from behind the sun-blocking curtains.  I could tell it was a bright sunny day, so even before I wrote my morning pages, I popped out of bed, ran into the living room, and started drawing.  I think I said good morning to Chris before I applied pastel to paper!  I hope I was that polite, at least!  It was 7:30, I believe, and the sun had just come up enough to cast a radiant white light onto the ocean, all but blinding me in its glory.  It was impossible to see any details where it shone except where the waves cast a shadow.  The area around it was more visible, thus the blue.
After doing picture #1, I kissed Chris good morning then went back to bed to write my morning pages so I could get centered for the day.  By the time I was done with them, the ocean had changed completely.  The sky was now somewhat cloudy and the water appeared dark sandy-green.  I couldn't take time to eat breakfast!  I had to draw another scene first!
After breakfast, the clouds had filled the sky, leaving it almost completely overcast and the water even darker.  I was intrigued by the idea of trying to render the overcast sky and still differentiate enough to make it interesting.
And now it looks like Monday again with windy, overcast skies, choppy turbulent seas, and a barely-visible horizon line.  And all that after such a blaringly bright 7:30 AM!
The next couple days' of posts I will continue with the pictures I did at the OBX each day so you, like I, can experience the changing emotions of the ocean.

(If you're interested in purchasing any of these, please contact me.  Unframed, they will sell for $165.  Framed (acid-free materials, beautiful hand-made frame (framed by Chris and me)) they will sell for $275.  I will also be making prints which will be $35.) 

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