Friday, March 16, 2012

Emotions of the Ocean, Thursday, Avon OBX

Thursday we were out and about a lot.  We drove down South and stopped by galleries and shops in Avon.  It was quite an ironic day.  I had come to the beach intended to VACATE.  Take a break!  Quit pushing so darn hard because I was tired!  But, like a moth to flame or a duck to water, I am drawn to art and to creating.  So where did I go?  To galleries!  of course!  Each gallery we went in, Chris would off-handedly mention that I was an artist also.  At one place, Studio 12, in Avon, the owner asked immediately if I'd be interested in showing my work there.  But of course!  I asked if he'd like to see it, figuring he wouldn't want to get himself into trouble by agreeing to show my work before he'd even seen it!  I showed him my fruits and beach scenes.  He suggested I speak with his wife the next day about the possibility of offering classes there.  Sounded good to me!

We went into a couple other galleries as well and talked about doing the same.  It looks like I'll probably be offering classes in the Outer Banks this summer!  I'll post details here as soon as everything is confirmed.  

I learned that what I've been espousing for years -  Follow Your Bliss and the Money will Follow - actually means what it says.  Follow your BLISS!  Recently I've been working very, very hard, feeling pressured to make a living doing what I love and learning to not love it quite so much anymore.  It isn't fun to push and push and push and to feel driven to succeed.  I was starting to feel resistant to standing in front of the easel.  Going on vacation was perfect - the beauty all around me thrilled me and inspired me to wake up and paint!  I couldn't wait to get to the easel!  I would have done more pictures, but I was worried about running out of paper.  It was then that I realized that I've been turning my love into my duty out of fear of not making enough money.  What I learned Thursday was that just being myself and doing what brings me pleasure and joy works much better.  Now I'll have several places to sell my artwork and to teach classes - I'll even get to go to the beach in the summer - what a concept!  A very, very good lesson.

When we returned from our explorations, I took time to draw another picture before we headed out to chase the sunset.  It looked like it was going to be a good one.  It seems like when there are some clouds, but not opaque cover, the sunsets are best.  As you can see from this picture, the cloud cover was pretty dense, but we wanted to get out there anyway.  Below are some of the pictures I took that evening.

I love seeing the rays of light breaking through the clouds.  It looks like an image from the Old Testament or something equally awe-inspiring.
There were a couple of windsurfers out on the sound when we got there.  It was fun seeing them silhouetted against the darkening sky.

The sun behind the clouds almost created a silver lining.  Not quite, but I thought this shot was equally dramatic!

That night we were blessed with a very dramatic full moon rising over the ocean.  I rested my camera on the balcony railing so I could get a long exposure so the clouds would show up.  It was quite an artful day!

Tomorrow I will continue with the pictures I did at the OBX each day so you, like I, can experience the changing emotions of the ocean.

(If you're interested in purchasing any of these, please contact me.  Unframed, they will sell for $165.  Framed (acid-free materials, beautiful hand-made frame (framed by Chris and me)) they will sell for $275.  I will also be making prints which will be $35.) 

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