Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A different kind of piece

In addition to re-working Composition the last few days, I also created a new piece as a gift for one of my tutoring students.  This is a young woman I've worked with the last 2-3 years 3 times a week.  We have gotten to know each other quite well.  Her major love is animals.  She is determined to be a vet and is headed to college next year to major in pre-vet.  I have no doubt that she will achieve her goal. She's quite amazing!

During our sessions, she frequently talked about her dogs and how much they mean to her.  She has pictures of them on all her notebooks.  Thinking ahead, I asked her to email me copies of the pictures of them (telling her I just wanted to have them). 

It's been fun drawing something completely different.  I love drawing hair anyway, so this was just a great opportunity to do LOTS of that!

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a dog person, so I didn't feel a huge affinity for these stately creatures, but it was fun to draw them.  I basically just paid attention to the different shades of copper in their fur and went around and around the picture again and again increasing the complexity of the color and improving the accuracy of the drawing.  It was actually surprising when I stepped back from the picture and saw that they looked like dogs!  Drawing is so analytical for me.  I pay attention to color and value and shape and form.  If I do that accurately enough, the picture ends up looking like it should.

One of my art students told a mutual acquaintance that learning to draw with me is a very analytical process and not all that hard at all.  That is certainly the way I do it.  I'd enjoy having the skill to draw more freely and to understand form at a deeper level, but this is the way I was created.  I'm grateful for the skills I have - and am aware that there are others as well!

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