Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cherries galore

While walking along the paths at Dayspring and looking down at the ground, I began to see some preternaturally red bits and pieces which looked like someone had spit out a gummi worm.  They definitely looked artificial.  Because the visitors at the center tend to be environmentalists at heart (and older than people who normally consume such fare), I looked for a different explanation.  Looking up, my query was answered - a bright beautiful cherry tree full of tiny cherries!  I don't know why the tree was so full, why the birds hadn't devoured each and every one, and why I shouldn't eat them - but I chose not to, concerned I might get ill from intestinal troubles.  They were so beautiful and tempting in the dew and the rain.We were given our own store-bought cherries during the retreat.  I couldn't help but try to paint them, luscious and juicy and rich as they were. 

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