Monday, January 28, 2013

Update on finances for OBR - way to go!

Great news!  This was a good day for donations for One Billion Rising!  Thank you all so much for your contributions!

Here's what came in:

Indiegogo:  $400        lots of $50 donations - yay!
Individuals: $215.50   including entry fees for Women Rise!
Total:          $615.50  Terrific for one day!  Thank you to each of you.

We also got a wonderful offer from AlterNatives that they would donate a portion of their sales.  AlterNatives is a fair trade store that was founded 15 years ago to support widows who were survivors of political violence.  Their  Facebook page is: Alternatives Boutique Carytown.  We just found this out a few hours ago and are working to see if we can make it happen.  If you're interested in volunteering to help us out this Sunday, we could definitely use the manpower!  If you decide to go to Carytown to buy V-Day gifts, I hope you'll stop by AlterNatives and thank them for their support!

Please keep it comin'!  We're getting every closer!  Every penny makes a difference.  Thank you.

Still needed:  $4416.12, or $2416.12 if we have to use the Action Alliance's money - we're hoping to GIVE them money, though, NOT use theirs!  We want them to be able to use their funds to help victims of violence directly.  

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