Monday, April 2, 2012

Paintings from Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Weeping Cherry and Garden Sculpture in the Japanese Garden
A week or more ago I promised I'd post the images I painted when I went to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.  Now, finally, here they are!  It was a splendidly beautiful day, and the gardens are so beautiful, they are entrancing.  I hope to go there again this week to paint the newest blooms - there's always something new coming up there.  We are so blessed here in Richmond to have such a great place.

I remember when Andrew, my oldest, was a baby (around 1987-8). We lived in Lakeside and used to drive over to Lewis Ginter (then called Bloomendaals, after the house there) in the evening and walk around.  There was no gate.  It was mostly just the area around the house.  We would drive down the "street" in front of the house, park there, then stroll Andrew around the place.  There was no pond with water lilies, no Conservatory, no Welcome Center or Library, just the house.  It was a great place to walk around - it still is - it's just very, very different now! 

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