Sunday, April 15, 2012

916 proposed bills against women

In case you haven't notice, there have been a lot of bills in a lot of legislatures this year which are working to end women's choice in terms of their reproductive rights.  But did you know there have been 916 of them?

That's right, 916 proposed bills!!! What follows are the results of a fascinating study that actually proves that the republican war on women is real.  The report was compiled by the worldwide research and policy Guttmacher Group. For those who have not heard of them before, they are a 40+-year-old Institute that advances sexual and reproductive health and rights.
They released their First Quarter (March 2011) report after the republicans were swept into power and found:
“To date, legislators have introduced 916 measures related to reproductive health and rights in the 49 legislatures that have convened their regular sessions.”
Wow, 916 anti-woman laws introduced in just three months? That my friends is a freakin’ war on women.  Here’s just a few of them they cite:
1. Expanded the pre-abortion waiting period requirement in certain states.
2. Mandated pre-abortion ultrasounds.
3. Mandated that counseling be provided in-person by a physician.
4. Mandated that abortion counseling include all the risk factors related to abortion  
   complications, even if the data are scientifically flawed.
5  Required health departments to develop new regulations governing abortion clinics.
6. Revised abortion refusal clauses to allow any hospital employee to refuse to
    “participate in any way” in an abortion;
7. Limited abortion coverage in private health plans, including plans that will be offered
    in the state’s health exchange.
8. Revised sex education laws to require all school districts to provide abstinence-only
    sex education while permitting discussion of contraception only with prior approval
    from the state.
9. 120 bills have been approved by at least one chamber of the legislature relating to
    women’s insurance coverage or abortion rights.
10. 23 states introduced 57 measures that would restrict coverage of abortions in all
     insurance plans.
On and on it goes to total 916 bills that in some way restrict women’s right to manage their own lives.  So while the media continues to froth over another fake GOP ruse, it would be nice if some of them talked about the utter destruction of over 60 years of women's rights in less than two years.

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