Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On allowing oneself to become great.

I found this today when I was reading Marianne Williamson's Everyday Grace: Having Hope, finding Forgiveness, and Making Miracles.  It speaks loudly to me.  I want to make a huge difference in the world and I sometimes feel presumptuous to think I could.  This quote offers me courage and belief that it's OK to go ahead and do my best to take on the vision I have of how the world can be and to work towards actualizing it.

There is a light in all of us because God put it there.  We can look to those in the world who evolved to a higher level of consciousness during their lifetimes.  They were not made of different stuff than we are so much as they made different decisions than we do.  It was not EASY for Abraham Lincoln to be the Abraham Lincoln we revere today; it was not EASY to be Susan B. Anthony, or Mahatma Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, Jr.  They were born, as all of us are, with potential greatness.  But the actualization of that greatness was not predetermined.  They could have decided to do and be otherwise.  Whatever spiritual force moved within their hearts, luring them toward a magnificent destiny, is a lure that exists in all of us.  There is no rational formula for greatness, for greatness is not rational.  On some mysterious level, despite whatever resistance they felt, the great are those who simply said yes at times when others would have said no.  Fear did not deter them so much as it honed them.  Something called to them from a higher place, and they responded to what they heard.

Are we not being called by history to become the greatness that lies in us?  What happens to this Earth now is up to us.  We can remain who we are and sink further into the troubled world we have already made, or we can allow our hearts to crack open like cosmic eggs, out of which will emerge transformed creatures - our own true selves.

Look at it closely, in yourself and others, and tell me that creature does not have wings.

May you each have the courage to become the greatest you have within you to become.  Blessed be.

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