Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hugo Schwyzer and a lovely blog post

A friend just sent me a terrific link to an article about the pressure young women are under these days to be perfect and how, because they aren't able to be perfect, they will settle on being with boys who don't treat them well or they'll agree to just give blow jobs and not expect a full relationship.  It's time for everyone to understand just how precious and wonderful they are and to start acting accordingly!  How did we get here and how can we get beyond it to a world where people love themselves enough to demand respect?!

By the way, the man who wrote the article is named Hugo Schwyzer. I took the time to read several of his other articles.  They're excellent.  They seem to be a call to men to take the time to access their kind, sensitive, authentic selves and to act from that place.  I look forward to reading more of his posts.  What a gift they are!

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