Friday, December 3, 2010

Legal in Virginia - topless sunbathing - with one tiny caveat

Legal in Virginia
Valley Haggard and I gave a presentation and did some exercises at a Women's Group a couple of weeks ago.  It was great talking to a group of women about our work together.  (I've photographed and painted and drawn her, and she's written about the experience.  Our collaboration will be part of the show Artists and Writers coming up at Randolph Macon College in February 2011.) 

In the course of the discussion, one of the women, who has recovered from breast cancer, told us something which is so absurdly ridiculous as to be hysterical.  She got a double mastectomy then had breast reconstruction surgery but chose not to have nipples tattooed on.  Her surgeon told her that she may legally go topless in the state of Virginia now because she wouldn't be showing her nipples.

True story.

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  1. The issues surrounding nipples boggle me. Over the course of the past year, I've seen a variety of shows/movies that drew my attention to this. Men's chests may be shown any time, nipples and all. Women's breasts may be shown as long as the nipples are covered. Mastectomy scars are acceptable, nipple-less breasts (such as reconstructed breasts) are ok, but the second there is anything resembling a nipple (tattoo or otherwise), it cannot be shown. You can show teeny tiny flesh-colored band-aids covering the nipples on an otherwise completely bare breast, but not the nips. You may show the nipples on a man with "man-boobs" but not pre-op MTF transgender nipples. You may not show pro-op FTM transgender nipples, but you may show post-op MTF breasts/pecs in their entirety.

    Ridiculous. How did we get so hung up on a tiny bit of female erectile tissue?