Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To those who hurt us

To those who hurt us...

The violence can not go on.
You may not rape my sister.
You may no longer beat my mother.
The words you’re using are harsh and cruel and
must be softened.  I know you hurt too.

You – put down your gun.  You don’t mean to shoot.
You, too, just want to be loved.
I’m sorry you were forced to go to war.
I’m sorry you hurt.
Come into my arms.
My heart, this heart of womankind,
It can contain your hurt and sorrow and, yes, even your fears.

I love you.

I ache for you.

But I will no longer take your expressions of
                hurt and anger and pain.
They must stop.
You must allow yourself to break open
                as you have broken us open
Allow yourself to weep the tears of the ages
                War and strife
                jealousy, rage
                the demand that you be in charge,
                that you dominate and know what’s right –
Let it all go.  It is no longer necessary.
We are here to soothe you.  To rock you.
To hear your pain and cradle your aching head.
The anger can cry itself to sleep.  You’re safe.
One Billion People are here to say no to your hurting yourself - or us - any longer.
The pain will end,
Come into the garden and be made whole.

~ Susan Singer
    Feb 8, 2013

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