Friday, May 11, 2012

Witnesses and busy weeks

I'm working on a new piece now called Witnesses.  It will consist of 2 5' x 1.5' canvases placed next to each other.  One of the canvases will have 4 faces on it.  The other will have 5. Each is a woman looking directly and intently at the camera, challenging the viewer to be with her direct gaze.  I plan to hang the picture across from "Get out of my vagina!" so that the viewer is automatically included in the group of powerful, empowered women witnesses, indicating that they see what is happening and are watching.  I hope to get the entire thing drawn on the canvas today and to perhaps even begin painting today.  That would make me happy!

I've been teaching so much and taking care of so many other logistical issues lately that I've barely spent any time in front of the easel.  I love teaching, but it isn't the reason I quit tutoring!  I quit tutoring so I could do MY art!  I'll be going away for 10 days beginning next week.  Part of that will be a 5 day retreat.  I plan to take the time to think about how to organize my time more effectively so I can continue to paint and draw full time and do the rest less of the time.  I'm finding it challenging to fit everything in, probably because I have such huge expectations of what I should be able to fit in.  There's so much I want to do and feel a need to do.  Here's what's involved in my life these days on the career side:

* re-doing my website from the ground up
* organizing another Beyond Barbie performance for June
* processing the last BB performance - money, etc.
* teaching four classes at three different locations- Beginning Drawing, Intermediate Pastels, Learn to Follow Your Bliss, and Zendoodles at VisArts, Crossroads, and my studio
* working with a client as a creativity coach
* tutoring one student in academic matters
* working to find new shows and opportunities to get my work out there
* hanging a show with my mother
* coordinating to hang some work in June at Gallery 5's Feminism show
* having a permanent display at Crossroads, keeping that fresh and interesting
* entering work in the bimonthly show at Crossroads
* having 2 pieces at VCU's Women's Studies Dept for the summer

It sure looks like a lot when I type it all out - no wonder I'm not at the easel as much as I'd like to be!

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