Monday, January 16, 2012

Fine Art America

I spent much of the day today uploading pictures onto a website I just found out about yesterday.  It gives me the opportunity to offer prints on paper and canvas of my work at very reasonable prices.  I have uploaded 33 images so far, a couple of which don't seem to have worked - gives me something to do tomorrow!  I plan to upload 20 or so more in the next few days. 

I would be quite honored if you would take the time to check out the website and to let me know what you think - is it easy to navigate?   What do you think of the prices?  Would you consider buying art this way?  Are you glad to know you can get reproductions of my work for significantly less than the originals cost or do you prefer to own an original?

I uploaded the stories the models wrote about their experiences modeling for me or how they feel about their bodies or whatever they were generous enough to write to accompany their paintings.  Do you think folks will read them, or are they too long? 

I'm open to any and all feedback!


Here's the link:

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