Sunday, September 25, 2011

Working small, and so glad to be painting again!

Today I finally got back into the studio to paint for the first time since Not Barbie opened.  For some reason I was called to do this piece - I imagined it a bit differently than this, but I couldn't find the picture on my computer which was in my head, so I made this one work. 

I first painted the background with all sort of colors - there are actually 8-10 colors in it though it doesn't look like it.  Neutral is a hard color to create! 

Because I don't usually work so small (19"x15") I decided to paint the couch first so I could get used to working so small - choosing brushes, etc.  It felt exquisite to apply paint to canvas again.  I forget how much I love to do it when I've been away for a while.

After the sofa reached a certain level of completion, I began work on her body.  The light was beautiful coming in the window to her right (our left), so it was fun to render that.  She also has a wonderful laughing expression which was tricky and challenging but fun to capture.  I just noticed I forgot to paint her necklace.  Guess I'm not finished after all!  I also notice that some of the grid still shows through the sofa cushions and the background in some places, so I have a few more hours' work to do.  Ah, the pleasures of an artist!

I haven't found a title for this piece yet.  Let me know if you have any ideas for me!

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  1. I love your paintings and the reason behind them. I think you, and the women you paint, incredibly brave to buck the "system" in presenting women's bodies as they really are and not some stereotype. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent!