Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lady in her Hat

Yesterday I was expecting to be busy most of the day with appointments - Tuesday is my teaching day - but two of my clients canceled, leaving me with the whole day to paint.  Quite a treat!

I worked on Lady in her Hat.  I'm enjoying this piece so much.  The colors are so light and airy - perfect for the burgeoning Springtime!  The model looks so coy and playful.  It's fun to paint because of that.  I haven't gotten to her hands completely - they'll be a bit complicated because I can't see them well in the photo - they're kinda blurry.  And the hat!  Boy!  It's quite complex with lots of Mylar shreds in it.  I'm going to have fun with that!  It was also challenging painting her hair because it's so light - somewhere between platinum blond and white.  it was interesting trying to get it to stand out against her beautiful pale skin.  That'll be something I'll work on refining once I get a layer on the whole thing.

Today I worked on my book when I wasn't too tired to do a thing.  I've been reading through surveys you wonderful women have returned as well as emails I've received and webpages I've copied from over the last couple of years.  I'm categorizing them as I read through them then will put them in the proper folder.

I've just arranged to go on a Silent Retreat the week of April 5 for 5 days, so that'll be a great opportunity for me to start putting pen to paper.  I'm excited to have the time away from internet and any other distraction.  I'm not disciplined when it comes to the internet!

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