Thursday, July 8, 2010

Response #1 to nude self-portrait thoughts

I've gotten a couple of wonderful responses from my post about doing a nude self-portrait.  I'm going to post them here over the next couple of days.

My son, Dylan, is going in for spinal surgery tomorrow morning and will be in the hospital for about 4 days then home to recover for about a month.  I'm going to write some blogs today which will be published over the next few days, because I have a feeling I might not feel like writing much while I'm with him in the hospital.  Prayers and good wishes are most welcome!  I am affirming a most excellent outcome, a speedy and painfree recovery, and lots of fun in the hospital and during recovery!

Here's the first response I got to my post:
Hi Susan

I find it's easier to just email you than go through the whole posting thing on blogspot. So here goes and feel free to use it on your blog.

I have no problems with being in my own naked body at home. Seeing other people nude doesn't generally bother me - but it's usually in an art setting or photo or film. I tend to see bodies with an artist's eye, so I really don't think about naked so much in that context. For example, I know Shelia and I've never thought twice until now about her nudity. I don't look at her and think "I've seen your boobs" you know? BUT, I do find it a little weird when I see someone I know nude, live. Like at a gym dressing room. It's just a little awkward, I think, being a stranger and seeing them unclothed. And I am not comfortable at all with being nude in front of other people. A little shyness, some insecurity, not quite sure what to do. I guess there isn't a good reason to be nude on purpose, unless posing for art, or at home. It's like it's my privacy invaded. You only get to see me naked if I let you.

We know a couple who belong to a nudist colony. The call it the Park...and they love it. These are two very imperfect bodies and sometimes thinking about seeing them nude, sitting around with other naked people is just eewww. I have no interest whatsoever and find that whole lifestyle choice, of paying to belong to be nude in front of other people, quite odd.

Ambivalence all over the place here, hmmmm?
The post I'll put up tomorrow is from an Austrian friend who wrote all about her experiences in just such a place as Adele describes, The Park. She spent a wonderfully enjoyable day there. I just love the variability of human experience!



  2. The above comment was thoughtfully left by someone giving information about a nudist colony in Virginia, so for anyone who is interested in giving it a try...